Monday, April 28, 2008

#13 Bacon Roly Poly

This is a British recipe, great during war time when you have a little bit of meat to go around a whole family. It will work best (so I'm told) using the regular, fatty American bacon. Which is known here as "streaky bacon". I appologize if anything is a bit vague, but that's how the recipe was given to me. My mother-in-law doesn't actually use a recipe for this, she just makes it.

8 oz self-rising flour
2 oz suet (shortening should work)
2 oz margarine
salt and pepper to taste
1 egg
warm water
chopped onions (if desired)

Rub together flour, suet, and margarine with fingers. (I find a pastry cutter works as well.) Mix together salt and pepper, egg, and enough water to make a dough. It will look like biscuit dough. Roll out dough into a rectangle. Lay on enough bacon strips to cover the rectangle and sprinkle on chopped onions. Roll up dough and bacon (like a swiss roll). Wrap roll in loosely aluminum foil, leaving room for a small amount of rising. Put package in roasting pan and add about 1/4 inch of water to the pan. Bake at 425 F for 2 hours. Check water level halfway through baking.


Sylvia said...

This was good! Vicky served it with some kind of a light gravy.

Vicky said...

I forgot to mention you serve this with gravy. I used chicken gravy powder from a can because that was what I had. It also works with onion or beef gravy.